Monday, November 8, 2010

Mother vs. Drill Sergeant

I am missing something. Too often I feel like a drill sergeant rather than a mother. Maybe it's easier.
A mother needs to stop, to care, to guide - a drill sergeant barks orders and metes out discipline for infractions.
A mother needs wisdom from the Father - a drill sergeant makes sure the rules are obeyed.
A mother smiles - a drill sergeant glowers.
A mother patiently sows seeds of life into hearts - a drill sergeant, well, drills.
A mother recognizes that seeds take a long time to grow a good harvest - a drill sergeant is concerned about the outward, the now.
A mother needs to live by the Spirit from whom comes life - a drill sergeant lives by the law.
A mother gives - a drill sergeant demands
A mother conforms herself to the One who laid His life down - a drill sergeant requires recruits to conform to his standards, his schedule.

Lord, help me this day to seek to love, train, teach my children by Your Spirit - and not by the law, not by the flesh, not for my own convenience.

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